This is an animation I made for the exhibition; small stories, silent buildings. It was shown in 'De Mengfabriek' in Den Bosch. As part of a school project we had to write a story inspired by 'De Mengfabriek' and make an animation going along with the story. 
My story was quite complicated. Hypolite is the first owner of 'De Mengfabriek'. 
He wakes up in the year 2400 and doesn't know how he got there. As the story develops, he has flashbacks in which you find out how he got to be in the future and what happened with his factory. I had to find a way to depict the diffrence between the future and past. I chose to do it through the book. You browse through the book and it tells you if you are in the future or in the past in the story.
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